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The handbook of the excursionist

In order to guarantee the minimal conditions of security to people and to safeguard the integrity of the visited places, during the excursions it is necessary to follow some fundamental rules of behavior.

  • collect appropriate information about the trails you need to walk in order to get to know the degree of difficulty and to evaluate if it is possible to face it without any help of a tour guide

  • be equipped with compass and topographic maps, on an adequate scale, to be able to find your bearings in the territory

  • limit the use of motor vehicles as much as possible and in any case only to get to the closeness of the path to walk

  • always follow indications provided by the tour guides

  • wear suitable clothes and shoes

  • do not change the route provided with signals

  • do not walk stray from your group

  • proceed with attention along the pathways and the signed trails, keeping in mind that the use of a walking stick may ease your stroll

  • wear the safety equipment when expressly indicated

  • keep in mind that stones and boulders (especially near streams, torrents and rivers) are particularly slippery, better getting wet than jumping from a boulder to another!

  • always be careful when crossing streams and torrent

  • do not put your hands in the cracks of the rocks, between the boulders and the stones, between the bushes and wherever you cannot see the absence of viperids

  • never overcome the picket fences along the pathways

  • in the steep areas close to cliffs, follow exactly the path of the trail, walking in queue one after another and never side by side or in groups

  • observe the vegetation and everything that capture your interest but never bring anything away

  • never swallow berries or red fruits, spontaneous herbaceous plants and any part of plants

  • respect the animals you may chance upon along the path and do not get close to the nests of birds

  • avoid shouting, noisy and disrespectful behavior towards natural quiet

  • do not light fires

  • not to consume cold drinks

  • not to consume heavy meals before the excursion

  • not to drink water from sources unless its drinkability is clearly specified

  • not to smoke and not to use any kind of flame