The Cooperative Segreti Mediterranei

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The cooperative’s mission

The limited liability cooperative Segreti Mediterranei, based in Sersale (Catanzaro province), was founded in March 2003 with the main purpose of developing environmental tourism in the Catanzaro area, through the valorization of natural resources (waterfalls, canyons, ancient trees, botanical rarities, monoliths) and of the historical-cultural resources present in the territory.

Segreti Mediterranei is a cooperative of young people. It was born from its members’ experience gained in Italy and abroad, operating in the production and services sector, aiming to create employment in the internal areas of the Presila of Catanzaro, focusing on models of sustainable development that allow to combine social and economic increase with the protection of the territory and the enhancement of local resources.

The basic objective of the young people operating in the cooperative is to transform marginality into typicality.

Info and contacts

For information please contact the Cooperative Segreti Mediterranei.

What the cooperative does

The cooperative is involved in activities aiming to promote environmental and natural tourism, through studies and research in the ethno-botanical and ethno-zoological field and the rediscovery of the vast and profound system of know-how transmitted by the oral memory of the local populations, an expression of genuine rural and peasant culture.