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Gentle ride on horseback

“The Reserve on horseback” is the special program created by the cooperative Segreti Mediterranei in collaboration with the Circolo Ippico Cervese A.S.D. (Horse Riding Club) by Defranco Sacco, dedicated to tourists and travelers who love horse-riding.

  • Place
    The path – which is performed in total safety – starts from the Horse Riding Club and is divided into three stages (Giants of Melitani / Crocchio River / Pastillaro of Cavallopoli).

  • Participants
    Maximum of 4 people.

  • Cost
    € 25 *
    *The cost includes an insurance fee of € 5. Owners of driving license or riding card are therefore exempt from paying the insurance fee.

  • Info and booking

    The path can be booked by contacting the Cooperative Segreti Mediterranei at the following numbers: +39 333 8342866 / +39 334 9174699 / +39 324 0599749.

Circolo Ippico Cervese A.S.D.

The Circolo Ippico Cervese A.S.D. by Defranco Sacco is an adjunct association to the I.F.E.S. (Italian Federation Equestrian Sport). It is located a few steps from the Sila National Park, in the locality of Melitani, near the Municipality of Cerva (CZ).

The association performs activities of equestrian tourism and has a riding school. The facilities of the club are equipped with a field, a round horse walker, various paddocks and pits and a clubhouse.

  • Circolo Ippico Cervese A.S.D.
    di Defranco Sacco

  • +39 334 9906506

  • Facebook group of the association

  • Escursioni a cavallo
  • Escursioni a cavallo
  • Escursioni a cavallo
  • Escursioni a cavallo
  • Escursioni a cavallo
  • Escursioni a cavallo
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